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Aug 19, 2020

Benefits of a Swedish massage here in London

Benefits of a Swedish massage here in London

You can experience the benefits of a Swedish massage here in London! There are four core massaging techniques, from sports to many other techniques of massages; these include petrissage, effleurage, frictions and tapotement. 

Our trained massage therapists perform each one of the four techniques. They brought international expertise straight to your doorstep in our London facility. Below you will find a description of tapotement, frictions, petrissage and effleurage. 


Originating from the French word “petrit” meaning “to knead” it involves compressing and releasing soft tissue by direct pressure of squeezing the skin and muscle. It stretches muscle fibres, relaxes the muscle and increases mobility between tissues. 

This treatment in London tends to have a more profound effect on soft tissue in comparison to effleurage; petrissage includes kneading, picking up, shaking and squeezing, which achieve similar results to relax the body. 


Originating from the French “Effleurer” meaning “to skim” it involves stroking movements, of the hand sliding over the skin. It is always used at the beginning and the end of the muscle during a massage section. They have different speed and pressure according to the purpose of this in-depth massage. 

This introduces the client to the masseuse’s touch and relaxes the person. It also warms up superficial tissues and muscle and allows the masseuse to sense the areas which require further attention. Furthermore, it increases blood and lymph flow, aid removal of waste products.


These techniques are aimed at relaxation and involve hacking and cupping. Hacking involves both hands, alternatively striking the skin with the edges of the palms. It is praised for stimulating the skin and relaxing muscle tissue preparing for exercise of delivering a successful delivery during pregnancy. 

Its purpose is to create a vacuum as the hands are pulled away, stimulating blood flow in the muscle tissue. Although tapotement is not widely used, it is available here in our massage studio in London.


Frictions use considerably more pressure than the other techniques discussed above. Here at our London’s massage studio, our specialists use the pads of fingers to thumbs to dig deep into the muscle fibre tissues, realigning and moving muscles that are causing problems. The pressure is applied adjacent to the direction of the fibres and must be used sparingly - only when the specialist recommends this technique for individual cases. 

These Swedish massage techniques don’t only separate adhesions between fibres and break down scar tissues, but help with realigning new scar tissues, stimulate the healing process and restore elasticity necessary for everyday living.