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May 20, 2021

Experience a Deep Tissue with Thai Massage in London

Experience a Deep Tissue with Thai Massage in London

It’s about time you get to treat yourself and experience the benefits of our deep tissue with Thai massage, done in our relaxing Balance London Spa.

Our skills are constantly evolving to bring you the best results

Our staff is constantly optimising and polishing their massaging techniques to truly increase the effectiveness of our skills on your body. We sent our masseuses on expert training sessions where they have studied and practised the ancient arts of Thai massages, to add to their massaging arsenal.


You know, not everybody responds to a massage in the same way. Especially in London where our clientele is extremely diverse! This is why we have to continually assess and adapt our massages to make sure we give you London’s first-class experience that you deserve.

Thai Stretching Techniques at your disposal

Recently, we have grown once more and begun using a combination of Thai stretching techniques with a combination of our quality deep tissue massages. This greatly releases the build up tension, improves muscle flexibility and brings back to a muscular balance of your body.

Our deep tissue with Thai massage works on solving a specific muscular problem; stubborn knots and tensions that seem to be repeatedly troubling our customers. We have found that by implementing Thai massaging techniques with our existing techniques, we can greatly improve the positive and long-lasting effects of our massages. 

What can I expect?

Every customer that visits our Balance London spa gets to experience the true meaning of relaxation. We take great care in making you feel safe and relaxed from the moment you enter our door. 

Unsure if the deep tissue with Thai massage is right for you? Don’t worry, we always evaluate our client to recommend and explain how we tailor each massage to your individual needs. Each treatment is slightly adjusted depending on how your body reacts to the massage. 

This means no matter the massage, you will always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and feeling like you are getting your money's worth. 

During this massage, we will apply firm and very firm pressure to the areas causing your muscular pain. 


30 min - £40

1h - £65

90 min - £85

2h - £105