Hot stone massages in London

Hot stone massages in London

Hundreds of scientific studies confirm the positive effects of wellbeing from pleasant stone massage therapy for physical and mental improvement.

Our London balance and wellbeing centre have helped many people prepare for the challenges of the day and our hot stone massages are known to have a positive effect on quick recovery and positive wellbeing after a full days work.

The most significant advantage of hot stone massages is releasing the muscle tension in the body, reducing strains and pain. However, many power people opt-in for regular massages a set day of the week to have an hour to look forward after a hard day. A lot of our clients enjoy a pleasant time for themselves, away from the household noise and responsibilities even if it’s just for a little hour or two in the week. 

The hot stone massages often use basalt (lava rock) as they retain heat. Our London stone massages include techniques from Egyptian, Japanese, Indian and African cultures and can be combined with other massages to intensify and deepen the massage treatment. On the other hand, the practitioners of Swedish hot stone massage move the hot stones with hands during continuous massaging movement. We are offering the best treatment, tailored specifically, for you - be it to prevent and reduce stretch marks, relax tense muscles or escape to a world of paradise.

The key to our success is in our oils of 100% origins, natural aromatherapy and years of massaging practice in the field. Before starting a massage, it is worth consulting with a GP to rule out cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, gestational diabetes or an abnormal pregnancy.

The key benefits of massages:

  • Help control muscle cramps and tension throughout the body

  • Helps you become more aware of your body, crucial for the delivery process

  • Prevents stretch marks through unique, natural oil combination

  • Improves firmness and elasticity of breasts, stomach and thighs.

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation reduces swelling of legs and feet

  • Relaxes and eases the mind to improve the wellbeing of the mother and the child

  • Relives pain post-delivery

  • Reduces delivery complications