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Sep 16, 2020

Lymphatic drainage massage in London

Lymphatic drainage massage in London

What is Lymph Drainage?

The Lymphatic system is responsible for processing fluids in your body; it works as a filter for dead cells, excess proteins, toxins and other waste. Our Lymph drainage treatment in Balance London's massage & wellness centre offers impressive benefits through deep massage techniques. The aim is to increase your body's production of lymphocytes and stimulate the flow of the fluids in the lymphatic system. This treatment is often used to reduce swelling and build-up of fluids; a genetic condition that runs in families.

How lymph drainage affects you

The build-up of Lymphocytes in limbs is usually diagnosed with a tape measure (limb circumference), water displacement (limb in a water tank) and perometry (infrared light scan). Although there are other imagining and bioimpedance tests, we can offer you the lymph drainage service without GP's recommendation. 

How we do it 

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) includes manual lymphatic drainage treatment as part of the four DLT processes.

It consists of self-adhered compression bandages, good skincare and exercise routines to improve the effects of the specialised lymphatic drainage therapy. 

Our massage & wellness centre in London attracts the best masseuse in England, not just for treatment, but for the atmosphere, comfort and experience that we provide. 

What you can expect at your visit

This is a light/medium treatment, however, as with all of our massages, we will ask you a few health-related questions to evaluate your needs. 

Your personal lymph drainage masseuse will explain the process in detail, and answer any questions you may have about the treatment. If you would like to work with the same member of our staff for every treatment, feel free to explore the profiles of our team to explore their personal expertise.

Lymphoedema is a condition that many mature ladies and gentlemen face day to day. That's why you can reach our experts in London to discuss the best course of treatments, tailored for your individual needs.