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Jan 27, 2020

Office Massage in London - Advantages

Office Massage in London - Advantages

Office work is inherent to sitting for several hours a day. It is unnatural for us because nature designed us so we would move as much as possible. However, when working in an office it is not possible because we are obliged to perform our duties while sitting. Sitting behind the desk for a few hours a day can contribute to the deterioration of our health.

All this can be prevented by having the right posture while sitting, moving a lot after work and enjoying massage treatments – all this benefits both physical and mental health.

Massage in the office is recommended mainly to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are most vulnerable to diseases of musculoskeletal origin.

As it turns out, studies conducted on employees working at a desk have shown that eight out of ten employees suffer from chronic back pain. Massage that is performed in the workplace allows you to free yourself from this pain and take care of yourself.

Massage in the office in London - what is it?

Massage in the office is a treatment that aims at both prevention and relaxation. It is performed as the name implies in the employee's workplace, i.e. in the office. For this purpose, elements such as a special chair prepared for this purpose are used, in which the employee sits in a position that allows relaxation of the muscles that will be subjected to massage.

Massage in the office covers the following body parts: head, neck, shoulders, forearms and hands. Massage in the office is a combination of different types of massages.

Office Massage in London - Advantages

Massage in the office has a huge amount of advantages and is extremely beneficial for both the employee and the employer.

Such massage does not disorganize the work rhythm and its schedule, because it is performed at the employee's workplace. It only requires the isolation of the room in which you perform it, because then the employee can concentrate in seclusion and relax. Thus, massage in the office is performed in a conference room or other separate room, where it can be carried out peacefully.

The massage session usually lasts about 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes, which allows us to perform a massage even during the break that the employee is entitled to in accordance with the law. Such a massage does not need any oily products, because it is done through clothing. The employee does not have to waste time on undressing and re-dressing after the massage, they can immediately start working with new energy.

Massage in the office means that employees perceive the employer better because by funding such a massage, the employer cares about the employee's health and well-being. After the massage, the employee feels relaxed, muscle tension disappears, as does their stress level. As a result, the employee works faster, more efficiently and is more satisfied with their work. They are less likely to take time off and are more attached to their work.