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Jun 16, 2022

Pressotherapy: The new alternative to liposuction

Pressotherapy: The new alternative to liposuction

If you're like most people, you probably think of massage when you think of ways to reduce fat. But there's a new type of massage in London scene that's quickly gaining popularity: pressotherapy. This type of massage therapy uses compression to massage the lymphatic system, which can help to reduce fluid retention and cellulite, which can further promote fat loss. In comparison with regular manual massage, performed by hand on each part of the body separately, pressotherapy machine uses air pressure to inflate a suit that squeezes whole body simultaneously, what makes the treatment more intense and holistic.

Pressotherapy offers benefits in the following areas:

  • Cellulite and skin tone: Boosting the supply of fresh, oxygenated blood to the tissues will result in a significant improvement in cellulite and skin quality, leaving it firm and toned.
  • Slimming and body contouring: Improvements in the lymphatic and circulatory systems will lead to the rapid elimination of excess fluid, reducing volume and ‘puffiness’ in the treated areas in as little as a single treatment.
  • Health and wellness: A healthy, well-functioning lymphatic system will have a positive impact on the immune, digestive and nervous systems as waste, toxins and pathogens are removed from the body.
  • Fat Dissolving: Far Infrared works on fat tissue and dissolve fat cells with heat radiation. Regular inflation, deflation and variational air pressure can accelerate fat burning. Helps to speed up the blood circulation and promote metabolism. The specific of far infrared technology is that it doesn’t heat up the surface of the body. Instead, it heats up the inner body that is 4 to 7 cm beneath the skin, where the stubborn fat deposit and main blood vessels are located.

To obtain good results specialists recommend around 10 treatments, lasting 30/50 minutes. Although, after the first session you will feel a clear improvement to your physical fitness, especially in terms of the elasticity and flexibility of the tissues.

Pressotherapy is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite, so if you're looking for a massage in London that can help you achieve these results, be sure to contact us for further information and an individual treatment plan.