Short Lunch Break Massage in London

Short Lunch Break Massage in London

If we had a penny for every time a client complained about their stressful work environment, we would have opened dozens of spas across London already.

We listen to our customers needs very closely, and one of the repeated themes we are hearing from our clients, is wishing that they could get this kind of bliss during their work day.

Well, now you can! We are opening up the spa for de-stressing massages halfway through the work day! 

It’s time to release the tension and clear your head during a short lunch break massage in our London’s Balance Spa.

We know that you don’t have much time on your lunch break, which is why we recommend booking yourself a slot well in advance, or phoning in to confirm availability during the day.

There are a range of relaxing lunch-time massages that you can get:

  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Myofascial Release

  • Head, Face and Neck Massage

  • Feet Massage 

If you are a regular customer, we can ensure to book you in for the same masseuse that you know and respect. We always strive for personal experience and complete satisfaction in our services.

The massages last for 30 minutes, and cost £35 each. Having heard our customers, we know that the demand will be high, so we are opening up more slots specifically for the busy lunch-time period. 

You can choose between the level of massage pressure as you see fit; be it Light, Medium or Firm.

Just like any other massage, to get the best experience out of our spa we recommend you phone us to fill out our customer questionnaire so that we can give you the best massage that’s suited to your individual needs and medical history. 

If you know yourself and your habits, you might as well benefit from our special offer.  You can save 10% on pre-paid sessions when you book up to 5 sessions in advance, securing your spots.

It’s also possible to rearrange or cancel the session free of charge if you contact us within 24 hours of your session.

It’s time to clear your head and relax your body in our calming Balance London spa. To book your sessions and explore our lunch break massage options, click here.