Holistic treatment aimed to restore, maintain and improve mobility and function. Non-invasive therapy to treat injuries and improve well-being. Our physiotherapists use various techniques including massage, mobilisation, manipulation, kinesiology taping, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and exercises. Provided by HCPC registered Physiotherapist.

  • 30min - £55
  • 45min - £70
  • 1hr - £90


Osteopathic articulation/mobilization uses low velocity (speed) and low amplitude (short distance) movements within the patients pain free range of motion while in dysfunction. Mobilization techniques aid body’s natural lubricating system (synovial fluid) to coat the affected joints for smooth range of motion.
This full body holistic treatment is aimed to increase mobility in restricted areas of musculoskeletal function, reduce pain, improve posture and well-being. Provided by HCPC registered Physiotherapist.

45min £70 now £60


Therapeutic technique involving insertion of thin, solid needles into trigger points or tight muscles to alleviate pain, improve muscle function and promote overall relief. This minimally invasive procedure targets knots and tension, enhancing blood flow for effective pain management and improved mobility. Our physiotherapists combine dry needling with manual therapy and soft tissue massage for holistic therapeutic effect.

45min £70
1hr £90

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