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Dec 15, 2020

Experienced Physiotherapists in London

Experienced Physiotherapists in London

The decades of experience as physiotherapists gives us the confidence to correctly diagnose, treat and support your physical health issues. Our top priority is to identify the cause of the problem rather than just tackle the painful parts of your body. This way, we treat the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

Treatment and Physical Therapy

We offer first-class physiotherapy service in London. As well as physical therapy, we focus on prevention of injuries, which will ensure you can feel at your best when you really need it.

Our clients range from office workers that spend considerable time slouching at the desks, to manual labourers who need to relieve their muscle soreness after a hard-working week behind them. Perhaps, you spent many hours at the steering wheel and felt the need to do something about that sore neck.

The muscles like tendons and ligaments can easily get overloaded or damaged. As a result, other parts of our bodies have to overcompensate (such as hunched shoulders) which can cause severe pain and long-term physical trauma. Fortunately, you can rely on your team of expert physicians, masseurs and physical therapists to put you back into your top form. 

Maintenance and ongoing support 

During your first session, we will evaluate your body’s needs, discuss health history, symptoms and echoes of injuries from the past. Although it’s common to feel instant results within days of this non-invasive treatment, we strongly recommend you follow the advised exercises to support the individual physiotherapy that our experts carefully selected for your specific problems. These exercise programs are designed to strengthen your musculoskeletal system, improve comfort and deliver long-term benefits to your overall well-being.

It’s about time to remove that lower back pain, muscular or joint aches, muscle stiffness or joint issues that are affecting your everyday lifestyle. All of our treatments are prescribed on an individual basis as every patient we help has different needs. As each session is uniquely tailored, you can feel confident to get the best value for your money and leave our London spa feeling refreshed and recharged, ready for another day.

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